It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that fitness & nutrition became my outlet from reality.. my brand is built on identifying a healthy lifestyle - whether it's achieving mental or physical growth, they both go hand in hand. I hope to make an impact with all of you through being transparent about my story.

I lost 30 lbs in 1 month, for reasons I wasn’t entirely sure of at the time. Essentially, holding in anger, frustration, sadness, & even happiness at points was putting so much stress on my body that my stomach muscles began to tense up aggressively - I was unable to digest food for days/weeks. I grew up a very healthy kid, so this was unusual. I began eating less to avoid the pain from my food not going down. Playing soccer 6 days a week, with a diet of nearly just watermelon, allowed me to drop weight very easily. A few years of testing went by & the only diagnoses I received was IBS, the doctor laughing & telling me to “go eat a greasy burger,” or that “the tests show you’re fine.. just take these probiotics/laxatives..” which only made me feel worse. 

Ultimately, I learned that the cause of my on-going stomach problems was me not allowing myself to process my emotions. I was told that “your stomach is your first brain.” For example, some people get pimples when they stress & others can’t go/can’t stop going to the bathroom - I haven’t always been this comfortable speaking about topics like this, which is why my goal is to be a voice/an ear to those who are afraid to speak out about it. 

I pushed down anger & sadness - like many of you, we have friends that come & go.. when a “friend” would do me wrong, I would push it down/ghost them because drama just wasn’t worth it to me. But the thing is - talking/writing about what’s on your mind is necessary to being healthy. I viewed vulnerability as a sign of weakness - but now I view vulnerability as one of the best characteristics to have. This is the happiest & healthiest I have ever been. If you’re facing something similar, I’m here to share my best knowledge with you, and help you along your journey.